Real Pets™ by Fruwee

Real Pets™ by Fruwee

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Description of Real Pets™ by Fruwee

Real Pets by Fruwee
Real Pets by Fruwee

Real Pets™ is a feature-rich application that brings real animals to your mobile phone.
We are using our Patent pending technology to bring characters – real-life dogs to your mobile phone!

Your goal is to collect and get to know real dog breeds (Border Collie, Shiba Inu…).
Take good care of your new pet and uncover memories and stories of your new furry friend (Real-life dog pictures, diary entries, tips).

You can do all sorts of fun things you would do with a real-life pet:

– interact with your pet: belly poke, head poke, rub your pet’s belly
– feed and hydrate your pet
– take your pet for a walk
– talk with your pet: say “I love you”, ask questions…
– give your pet snacks – Because “snack is life” 😉
– buy your pet new toys and treats
– take care of your pet’s health and hygiene
– play fun games with your pet
– take your pet on a walk
– you can also learn to pronounce useful phrases and words from 5 different languages!
– read fun facts about your pet and much more!

This app contains:

– Speech recognition
– Promotion of Real pet’s products and advertising
– Links that direct customers to Real pet s websites
– Personalization of content to encourage users to play the app
– The option to make in-app purchases

There is a lot of extra features like fun games,
your new pet also has a special ability to talk to “the VOID”.

We are working on expanding our “library” of dogs right now, so stay put.
It just may happen that a cute puppy will come barking at your phone soon.

Read our full privacy policy on our website:
V1.01a We are still in a test-soft launch stage so please stay patient, we are working hard to bring you all a smooth-crash free experience! Fruwee team thanks you for all your patience 🙂

Real Pets by Fruwee 1
Real Pets by Fruwee 1
Real Pets by Fruwee 2
Real Pets by Fruwee 2

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